New Bug Fix Release

✅ [Fix] Now incoming emails resolver respect "reply-to" header. E.g. when Shopify forwards an email from the contact form to you, the sender is Shopify yet reply-to is your actual client. Previously Shopify would be treated as a customer on communication, now it will take the mail from reply-to instead.

✅ [Fix] Livechat "Live" tag was visible only for 4 first minutes and then it would go away even Livechat are changed to mail threads after ~10 minutes of inactivity. Now tag "Live" will be visible until the thread is not a Livechat.

✅ [Fix] "Order by" change in threads list was keeping the page. Now it resets pagination to 1st page when changed the order.

✅ [Fix] Livechat threads were auto-closing after no reply. Fixed this. Now LiveChat thread is changed to an email thread like before, but not auto-closing. If you closed the Livechat thread, the mail thread will stay closed too.

Chinese Translation in Widget is Out

You can now translate your widget for Chinese users with a click.


Simply head to Widgets > Select Widget > Head to Translation (Tab) and select the language.

You can now delete threads + Improvement Updates

Another UPDATE 🚀


  • [Improvement] After mass action is applied threads list is instantly refreshed, no delay anymore
  • [New Feature] Mass action: delete. On click, it will show a dialog to confirm the deletion.
  • [Improvement] Delete dialog now shows how many threads will be deleted

New Speed Performance Update

  • [Improvement] Background tasks updated to avoid deadlocks. Deadlock slows down the application while it indicates a blocked table and queries need to wait and retry to write into it later.

For user - This means, an improved loading speed and better app performance overall.

image (4).png

New Features + Updates + Improvements

  • [New Feature] Hover thread in threads list to select for mass action.
  • [New Feature] Navigate the application as you wish to continue selecting in the thread list. Selection is lost only on full page refresh.
  • [New Feature] Mass action: close all selected threads
  • [New Feature] Mass action: open all selected threads
  • [New Feature] Mass action: assign to person or team, or unassign all selected threads
  • [New Feature] Mass action: execute workflow on all selected threads
  • [Fix] Close workflows, workflows confirmation, thread assignment dialogs when all required properties are not available
  • [Improvement] Tip next to the Cancel button talking about it's ok to navigate away without waiting for Cancel timer to go down
  • [Fix] New message dialog ("create thread"), could not send a new message
  • [New Feature] View raw option


image (3).png

Widget Translation + Improvements

We now offer over 10+ pre-fined translation for widgets.

  • [New Feature] when the main language is clicked preferred language for the widget is set. This will allow us to automatically introduce new translations when that's needed.
  • [New Feature] each field has reset to the "preferred language" button.
  • [Improvement] Highlighting current preferred language. Animation of selection.
  • [Improvement] updated widget edit view here and there


New Updates

This update contains a lot of fixes, improvement, and new features that have been added today:

  • [Fix] widget button transition animation
  • [Improvement] widget height can hold initial views w/o scrollbars
  • [Fix] widget animation of "Home view" (no flashing scrollbars)
  • [Fix] widget animation of in-chat view (no jumping input while animating)
  • [Fix] At initial widget loading no change of color in cases of slower connection
  • [Improvement] 50+ little widget ux, performance and visual updates
  • [New Feature] Widget can update any settings from the Communication config view without any code updates. Only required setting in code is widget id now.
  • [New Feature] Widget can load settings from URL (will be used for widget preview first)
  • [New Feature] Priority of widget settings loading. 1st widget will try to look for settings coming from widget API, then will load from Communication UI.
  • [New Feature] New backend APIs to support widget translation ready.
  • [Improvement] Default widget code is smaller now
  • [New Feature] Translation settings on widget settings view
  • [Improvement] Translation can be reset to default with a button
  • [New Feature] 134 locales for everyone. To display time in your language

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed Cron which would not send mails in some cases.
  • Fixed email case sensitive login issue. All mails are lowercased always now.
  • Now socket API has a local connection inside VPC to RESTfull API which makes the socket more stable & faster.

Editor v2.0 is Now Out 🚀

  • Built from scratch for performance and upcoming 3rd party integrations/plugins.
  • Improved Performance.
  • Faster Loading.
  • Auto-saves everything.
  • Better HTML handling.
  • Ready for our upcoming Power Integrations.
  • Better handling of @ mentions.
  • Better Attachment management.
  • Improved Look.
  • Ability to Enable/Disable Text Formatting.

App Improvements

  • Improved Parsing of Emails.
  • Fixed: False Auto-reply.
  • Fixed: Random Screen Flickrs on Modal.
  • The screen now redirects the new ticket if a new message is opened by an agent/user of the workspace.
  • New Messages are now auto-saved.
  • Improved Editing.
  • Team & Team Members now assigned from A-Z.
  • Improved removal of Shared Inbox.
  • Improved selection of knowledgebase.
  • Improved Notification handling.
  • Improved Onboarding.
  • Improved Shared Inbox Custom Email Confirmation process.
  • Image Attachments now show as a thumbnail in the message without needing to download.