littlesaas changelog
littlesaas changelog

New Updates

This update contains a lot of fixes, improvement, and new features that have been added today:

  • [Fix] widget button transition animation
  • [Improvement] widget height can hold initial views w/o scrollbars
  • [Fix] widget animation of "Home view" (no flashing scrollbars)
  • [Fix] widget animation of in-chat view (no jumping input while animating)
  • [Fix] At initial widget loading no change of color in cases of slower connection
  • [Improvement] 50+ little widget ux, performance and visual updates
  • [New Feature] Widget can update any settings from the Communication config view without any code updates. Only required setting in code is widget id now.
  • [New Feature] Widget can load settings from URL (will be used for widget preview first)
  • [New Feature] Priority of widget settings loading. 1st widget will try to look for settings coming from widget API, then will load from Communication UI.
  • [New Feature] New backend APIs to support widget translation ready.
  • [Improvement] Default widget code is smaller now
  • [New Feature] Translation settings on widget settings view
  • [Improvement] Translation can be reset to default with a button
  • [New Feature] 134 locales for everyone. To display time in your language