littlesaas changelog
littlesaas changelog

New Updates





  • [Fix] Widget message input field title with some number removed.
  • [Help Update] Added help videos and articles.
  • [Fix] Incoming emails not visible.
  • [Fix] KBs old articles images fixes.
  • [Update] All KBs deployed on a new architecture for better performance.
  • [Update] Wildcard SSL setup done instantly for KBs, no more long SSL queues.
  • [Fix Billing] - Chargeebee API limits fixed. Introduce cache helpers, db modules etc.
  • [Fix] knowledgebase editor wistia video links works now.
  • [Update] Widget Performance
  • [Improvement] Brand New Email Parsing Algorithm to parse all the emails.
  • [Improvement] Improved Algorithm of system creating a new ticket for the same conversation.
  • [Improvement] Improved queue system for emails sent out via SMTP.

P.S. Our brand new solution "Teams" is still under works. This will be a massive release, the dates will be announced soon. However, we have this available for private beta user who are currently reporting us with updates and suggestions.